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 3 zone (stage 3) widening blanket: Velcro design, waterproof PVC, PU leather outside waterproof

Size 180 * 190cm (L * W)


Far infrared effect on the human body

1, far infrared can improve blood circulation

Because far infrared can penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue of the body, so the use of far infrared reaction, the deep subcutaneous skin temperature rises, the expansion of capillaries, promote blood circulation, the resurrection of enzymes, strengthen blood and tissue cell metabolism, cell rejuvenating a great help and can improve anemia. Regulation of blood pressure: High blood pressure and arteriosclerosis are generally nervous system, endocrine system, kidneys and other small arteries and stenosis caused. Far infrared expansion of capillaries, promote blood circulation, can reduce high, but also improve the symptoms of low blood pressure.

2, far infrared can improve joint pain

Far-infrared deep penetration deep muscle and joint strength up, so warm inside the body, relax the muscles, promote the exchange of oxygen and nutrients microvascular network, and the exclusion of the body of accumulated fatigue substances and lactic acid and other waste of aging eliminate swelling, pain relieving effect of Excellence .

3, far infrared can regulate the autonomic nervous

Autonomic nervous system is mainly visceral, people in long-term anxiety, autonomic nervous system sustained tension will lead to reduced immunity, headache, dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, cold extremities. Far infrared can regulate the autonomic nervous system in the best condition, these symptoms can improve or eliminate.

4, far infrared rays Skin Beauty

Far-infrared radiation absorbing body resonate, can cause fatigue and aging substances, such as lactic acid, free fatty acids, cholesterol, excess subcutaneous fat, membership in the hair follicles and subcutaneous fat activating, without kidneys, directly from the skin metabolism. So, make your skin smooth and soft. Therapeutic effect of far infrared heat allows the body to improve, cell activation, thus facilitating adipose tissue metabolism, burning and decomposition, the excess fat consumed, thus effectively lose weight.

5, far infrared can improve the circulatory system

Comprehensive and far-infrared radiation of deep penetration, over the body for internal and external Countless microcirculation organizational systems, physical therapy is the only way to completely take care of. After the micro-circulation, reduce the systolic pressure, adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients, natural light as physical health. Strengthen the liver functions: The liver is the body's largest chemical plants, it is a blood purifier. Far-infrared radiation effect caused by body heat deep, can activate cells, improve tissue regeneration, promote cell growth, strengthen the liver function, improve liver detoxification, detoxification, visceral environment in good condition, can be said that the best prevention strategy .

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