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massage belt MB10

Output frequency 40-99HZ

Weight 0.7kg
Package Size: 24.8 * 16.4 * 8.2 (cm)


Product Features: formed by the combination of electronic pulse rubbing, kneading, knocking, beat together the seven kinds of modes, each with the freedom to choose the intensity of each mode has 99 intensity levels, time of each mode is determined, mode 1 is 20 minutes, model II is 25 minutes, model three - six to 30 minutes, the mode seven to 40 minutes, the product is suitable for weight loss, physical health, etc.
Belt Material: high-grade knitted underwear + Advanced sponge filling weight: 380g Box size: 16.7 × 11.2 × 27.5cm
Carton size: 68.5 × 56.5 × 34.8cm
Qty: 24pcs
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