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Massage belt MB09


1)Vibration and EMS,double,a kind of creative product

2)Low price and high quality too.

3)CE,ROHS certified


input:AC100-240V 50/60HZ Output:12V 1A




  • The Dual Shaper Features:


    1)Dual Shaper is an ab-belt with a difference! It combines two well known technologies – electro-muscle stimulation(EMS) and vibration – so you get the benefits of two forms of movement in just one ab-belt.
    2)Digital console featuring twin LCD displays to control the EMS and Vibration functions
    3) 5 kinds of EMS Programmes each with 30 intensity levels
    4)2 kinds of vibration modes,manual and automatic,each with 5 kinds of intensities
    5)A handy timer that automatically counts down the working,30 minutes auto-off function to protect the massager
    6)The EMS mode and vibrating mode can work separately
    7)One big motor,rotate by clockwise and anticlockwise,rotating speed can reach 7000/min
    8)Artificial PU material,a piece of portable handbag

    Both vibration and EMS functiuon, EMS is electro muscle stimulation, it is a new function to stimulate the muscle automatically 

  • 1.Hasten blood circulation and elimilate the fatigue,ease the aches of thighs,waist,back etc.

  • 2.Enjoy happiness of massage(EMS and vibration)

    3.Weight loss function, it makes the fat person more slim and beautiful

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