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Detox foot spa C106

Detox Foot Spa With Basin




1. It works after 30 minutes.


Accessories included:

1 detox foot spa with basin
1pcs ion array
1pcs power cord
1 pcs instruction book



Product Specification: 57*46*13cm (L*W*H)
Carton Specification: 57*46*27cm (L*W*H)
Net weight: 2.5kg/pc Weight: 3kg/pc
Package: 2pcs in one carton


For people:
SPA, beauty salon, oxygen bar, foot bath city, health clubs, health museum, clubs, health clinics, pharmacies, shopping centers and other health and leisure place.

2. It has the effect to treating dermatophytosis.

3. Improve cell vitality through ion penetration.

4. Enhance liver detoxification function, Improve the "reversal disease" phenomenon, such as edema, arthritis, rheumatism.

5. Physical detoxification, non-toxic side effects, the results is faster, deeper and more pronounced!

6.Relieve symptoms of gynecologic, Whitening, anti-wrinkle, Beautifying!

7.Promote metabolism, increase disease resistance, lift the sub-health state.

8. Reduce blood sugar, blood lipids, blood pressure, alleviate gout, rheumatism, arthritis and other symptoms, enhance immunity.

9. Conditioning the body through the endocrine system negative ions, yin and yang, balance the PH value of the body, to ensure that all systems and organs work properly, maintain your health.

10.Enhance physical fitness, prevention of various diseases, from the "sub-health" back to true health!


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