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Germanium heating mat H101

1,Quality germanium stone

2,heating function

3,far infrared ray function

4,Quality PU leather

5,Vibration massage function( custom-made)


Passed CE

This product can also help offer relief from the following symptoms: Parkinson's disease stroke kidney prostate diarrhea constipation expansion of abdominal region stomach ulcers lungs asthma yellow jaundice etc. These are used by many massage therapists, and chiropractors worldwide

Using method:

Press: Function button to choose the method you like.

Through press button to adjust time and temperature of jade mat.

After using, please take off the plug.


1.Children and pregnant woman people can't use.

2.The people who have back, neck pain, please do not use.

3.Before or after meal for 30 minutes. Please do not use.

4.When finishing, please take off the electrical.

5.Don’t to use the product on humid place.

6.Don’t to use the product on high temperature place.

7.Please put the massage mattress on dry place.

8.Keep the product clean.

 Strong therapy effect

 By absorbing the energy eradiated by Far Infrared Ray, it will promote the blood circulation in your body and therefore accelerate the metabolism in your body, discharge toxic element, alleviate pain, eliminating inflammation, relieve pressure and promote deep sleeping. Specially good for office clerk, elder person or weak person etc.


•Safety Even with our normal AC Power ( High Voltage ) consumption


•Safety Water proof soft material with flexible tensile capabilities even in various sleeping position. ( UL specification )


•Safety The Heating wire is design to withstand any stretches or bends.


Functions of infrared heating :


 Technical Standard:



Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated Power: 150W
Work Temperature: 0-60 Celsius degree
Package dimension: 75*45*25cm
Timer: 0-60minutes
Loading Q’ty Per Mastercarton: 1 pieces/carton
Gross weight: 7kg
Materials: advanced PU
Heating Zones: one ZONE
warranty: one year
Sevice: accept OEM


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