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Jade massage heating belt H105

1.vibration slimming belt
2.relieve fatigue
3.promote blood circulation,metabolism
4.adjust body endocrine
5.jade stone therapy

6.Heating function


far infrared heating vibration jade massage belt with CE,vibrating slimming belt



1.promote blood circulation and improve metabolism of human body

2.expel toxin and heavy metals from body

3.Slimming by exhausting sweat

4.Adjust human body endocrine and human immunity

5.Relieve fatigue and pressure, relax yourself, improve your work efficiency

6.Far infrared could be help for the treatment of arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome etc

7.Strength energy of cell, improve microelement. Make skin more beauty after weight loss.


hyperthermia protection

Control the temp up to 70°C freely

Make the bodily organs function better

Emitting anion(226-400 ion/cc)

Emitting far infrared rays(95%)

Especially good for women who fell chil on abdomen

Safety system

Bimetal & sensor inside to avoid overheat


technical parameter

Output power





Heating, vibration massage

Jade stone therapy

Useful micro minerals



carton size

62x30x67cm,20 pcs/carton






Operation Methods

Surround the waistband tightly around the waist or the position to be heat – applied .and then insert the power supply plug in the safety socket for power connection . turn on the knob gradually .the adjustable temperature ranges from 45 degree to 75 degree .



1. Can not use the product at the wet or water locations

2. Can not use the product when the outer waterproofing cloth pvc is lacerated

3. Can not use the product while sleeping

4. Can not disassemble the product for use

5. The product cannot be used by such persons as pregnant women ,kids and 6. those who suffer hypertension .heart troubles ,weak wisdom .disability to self manager the life .

7. Before use .please check the heating body and wires and so on for infrared spa waistband .in case of damage .do not use it .


Quality Guarantee and after sales service

1.The products with any failurerising from the production process by the manufacturer will be guaranteed to keep in the good repair free of charge for three month

2.The guarantor can not undertake the product damage recklessly rising from the transportation from supplier to users site .also the damage is beyond to the scope of guaranteeing to keep in a good repair

3.The guarantor can not undertake the damage resulted form force majeure ,such as ,fire ,flood ,earthquake .hurricane and so on .Damage resulted from the misuse ,abnormal operation or broken or damaged by the user . Break down resulted from the abnormal power supply connection or bad connection fittings. Damage resulted from self repair or refits.

4.The buyer shall provide the original documents or copies for the guarantor on the agreement basis or otherwise the guarantor will not undertakes as contracted .

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